I am finally an Individual Member! What’s next?

What happens once an individual member joins our family? In this welcome post, Thalia Ntoka, answers to this question and gives valuable advice to greatly benefit from your membership.

First of all Welcome to our awesome Liberal Family. I am sure you already have lots of questions, like:

  • What can I do to help you guys?
  • Who shall I contact first?
  • I just received an invitation for something called “Slack”, shall I accept it or is it spam?
  • Is there a Facebook group I should join?
  • When will I meet Hans Van Baalen and Guy Verhofstadt?
  • Where is my membership fee going?
  • Dear new member, you don’t have to do all at once, but try always to remember that your biggest contribution, is your participation.

You don’t like populism, empty words and promises, so do we, so here is a small guide to use for your first baby steps:

You can also share your message, we will be happy to read it.

  • We love having the best communication possible among us, so each country has its Coordinator who supports you, guides you, creates events with you and encourages you to become an active member as much as possible. Find your coordinator here
  • … and now Slack! Please accept the invitation, create a profile and join as many channels you want! Slack is our online platform and one of the best tools we have to strengthen our voices. Among others, you will be able to help to create Resolutions and if you are elected as a Delegate, you will be able to support and vote for them in the upcoming ALDE Party Congress. You will be informed properly when the time comes, no worries! For now, join Slack!
  • It’s not difficult to meet our Presidents from ALDE Party and Group. They are always on the move spreading our liberal values and maybe they will visit your country soon, meaning you will have your chance!
  • We are citizens of Europe with common European problems, meaning my country is your country, and together we can do much better. For that, we organise the so-called “Cross-Border Events” where we invite you to participate, meet members from other countries and work towards the best solutions for our interests. To organise such events, and also to support our delegates’ presence at the ALDE Party’s Congress, and to print our materials such as leaflets and banners, we use the money that we receive from membership fees.
  • Last but not least, a few words about the Steering Committee. We are those who spent hours chatting and exchanging e-mails when a problem appears. We are those who share with you great news about our actions but we sometimes also deliver semi–great news, although we try to have as few as possible. We are something like the “Guardian Angels” of you all and we do our best for that. Because of that, do not hesitate to contact us, whether you need support or just have a great idea! Here is who we are and where to find us: https://www.aldeparty.eu/steering-committee-individual-members

Three years ago, the Individual Members could fit in a classroom, now we are over 2500, we have a structure, ideas and the one thing we ask from you is your support!

Don’t stay inactive

Use this blog to deliver your message and strengthen our voices.

Organise events and invite personalities who support our values, no one will deny you the invitation!

Join movements across Europe and celebrate all the European achievements we had so far.

Populism is not popular but they use all the tools we sometimes forget. They post, write, are present everywhere, pretending to protect the European citizens from all the threats they create for them. Fear and hate is their answer to our problems.

It’s time for us to stop being passive and start becoming more assertive! We can promote changes that suit us all, protect our values and live peacefully. Our job is not to close the borders and isolate ourselves but to enjoy many years of Unity, Tolerance and Progress!

Thalia Ntoka, Member of the Steering Committee  

15 thoughts on “I am finally an Individual Member! What’s next?”

      1. Hi Thalia! I also have not received the invitation for slack (I joined a few weeks ago).


      2. Hello 🙂

        I just sent you one, check your email, also your spam folder and welcome!


    1. Hi Piero! Have you asked the country coordinator if there is any material available? usually he / she receives it and use it / share it with the members. If there is not, please let me know, so we can arrange it, thank you!


    1. Hello dear Sven!

      I will make sure today you will get your invitation, don’t forget to check on your spam folder.



      1. Hi! Same here. Joined on europe day and recieved one week later the information, that I will soon get an invitation. I didn’t recieved one yet.


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