ALDE Congress Delegates elections: Get to know candidates/2

From July 3rd  we’ll have congress and council delegate elections: as usual, we gave  candidates the chance to present themselves. Here we are second slot with Nadia Bennis, Anders Basboll and Hans Heiler Hammer (all for Congress)

Why you are running as a candidate?

Nadia Bennis. My multicultural background and great ability for intercultural exchange could be great assets to represent you at the Congress and work hand in hand with people from all over Europe. I had the honour of representing you last year at the Madrid Congress where I enjoyed the negotiations with all parties and supported the transnational lists.   As a French national, I grew up bilingual in an international environment in the French-German border region and hence I was exposed to various cultures and aware of how crucial the EU is for better cooperation and understanding. I benefited from Erasmus and studying in three different countries for both my MA and BA in European Studies and International Relations which enabled me to speak several languages fluently and to adapt to different environments rapidly, enjoying the hospitality and cheerfulness of each country and uniting all these experiences which certainly shaped my personality and are the engine for my passion for politics and the EU.

Anders Basboll. ALDE IM believes in a federal, European Democracy. Our party went a step backwards when we left the Spitzenkandidaten process. A federation, or a democracy, does not choose its leader in a closed meeting between leaders of member states. We need to stand with the other pro EU parties again on the Spitzenkandidaten, without accepting that the largest party necessarily shall have the Commission President. Leaving “Spitzenkandidaten” was also a tactical blunder. Imagine a Europe wide campaign, probably for Commissioner Vestager – who ended up as the unofficial ALDE candidate at the very end. #Fightlikealiberal should mean fighting elections, even if we risk loosing, instead of waiting for governments to give us what we want. That is not who we are! I have much experience with resolutions and congresses, from LYMEC/IFLRY and Danish Liberal Youth and later in “adult politics”, and I have participated in many ALDE events including congresses and Manifesto meetings. Not to mention my debate activity on ALDE IM facebook for years. I would like to serve you all as your delegate.

Hans Heiler Hammer: Last week, when I announced my candidacy as a delegate to the congress in Athens, it was because I have something on my heart that I believe I can contribute, in ALDE IM / RenewEurope

Name one initiative or proposal you would like to see endorsed by the ALDE Congress?

Nadia Bennis. Having worked for several years in policy issues, amongst others in the NGO sector and the European Parliament, my interests, but also my experience, are in the areas of environment, health and equal rights.  I would be very keen to see proposals in relation to efficient and innovative actions to fight climate change and to improve health and environmental conditions. In addition, I would very much welcome proposals that focus on actions to promote equal rights at all levels and efficient strategies to fight all types of discrimination.

Anders Basboll. I think the most important issue is climate change. We must fight it, and cleverly. Economists agree. There needs to be a price on carbon – either through a tax or a quota system. In some sense, we have a fine quota system in EU, but the price is too low, because agriculture, transportation and construction are exempted. We shall fight these special interests and include everything and lower the amount of quotas too. That is why I co-authored a resolution to this end last year. I think we should vote for such a resolution this year – and reach out to other delegations to pass it. No to conservative foot dragging, no to socialist subsidies – and yes to a liberal solution: strong regulation, but using market forces.

Hans Heiler Hammer: I will work for the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights to be accepted by all countries. It was adopted to protect the individual from abuse; it guarantees a number of fundamental human rights, and as a human being, and a Liberal member, I cannot sit silently reclining and watch, people like; journalist Ivan Golunov, being imprisoned and charged with no valid evidence; that several other journalists and freedom fighters are being imprisoned without cause in Ukraine and other countries; that homosexuals experience hatred and persecution in many countries.
We have a duty to speak and act.
When people flee from distress and persecution, and they knock on the doors of Europe, it is our duty to act. Over 20% of all immigrants, are now climate refugees.
If we do not respect human rights ourselves, we cannot expect others to do so. Therefore, the initiative with RenewEurope is very important. We have a duty to each other and to the global community, to do something. This will be my focus going forward, and therefore it is very important to me, to participate in the debates in Athens and to fight for the necessary resolutions to be adopted. Because we must have visions, hope, and will, to find solutions.

What role can individual members have to renew Europe?

Nadia Bennis. In my opinion, individual members are a crucial element to renew Europe because of the diversity, commitment and innovation they can contribute with. That is why I am running as a candidate in order to make our voice as individual members heard during the congress. I would be very honoured and grateful for the opportunity to represent you in Athens! Thank you in advance for your vote!

Anders Basboll. European Democracy starts with a European Public. We are living European Democracy when we discuss with each other, and we each contribute to making the dream of European democracy come true, when we tell friends, family, social media contacts and collegues that we are a proud member of a European Party. I think ALDE IM can both work as a meeting place for liberals in countries with no liberal party (maybe they even form one), as a place where liberals from different national liberal parties actually meet and talk (like in Denmark) and finally as a political home for people with grievances against their domestic liberal party(ies). There is a lot of sense in liberal policies and in the EU – but sometimes sense does not win the day. Passion is needed too. That is what ALDE IM have (also). And Freedom is beautyful!

Hans Eiler Hammer: The more members we have, the more we can do. Therefore, it is important that we get as many members as possible. As individual members, we can go together and make resolutions that we can commit politicians to! Here I will mention climate as an example.

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