Alde IM’s steering committee candidates: Pascal Jacobs and Silvia Fernandez

Starting from September 4th we will have ALDE individual members Steering Comittee elections. So, as usual we get to know candidates and their motivations. Second round with Pascal jacobs and Silvia Fernandez.

Pascal Jacobs

Dear Individual Members. The last couple of years, I have served as a country coordinator in The Netherlands. Amongst others, I organised the Maastricht Conference.  Apart from the fact that we had a great time, I also experienced that there are only limited political activities or possibilities to voice our opinion and to have influence on both national and European levels. So we need to add more political value for every individual member.

In my view AIM should act as a truly liberal movement, in all countries known and recognised. A movement where enthusiastic members discuss and act together. Where they have fun, are heard and have influence. Let’s not only focus on internal resolutions at the Alde party Congress, but also on what we think our Renew Europe politicians should say. Let us send letters to the Polish government on their attitudes towards the LGBTQ community, to Boris Johnson on Brexit et cetera. Let’s first formulate together our AIM-stories, standpoints and visions and then bring it to the public.

To make this happen, we need to strengthen our internal goals and procedures. But we also need improved internal and external marketing and communications. With your vote and support I can use my professional experience as a pr & communication specialist to make AIM strong and visible. I love to take the lead on this topic within the steering committee and build a pan-European team of pr-minded enthusiasts and campaigners to let AIM grow and prosper.

Silvia Fernandez

As a member of a new SC, I would like to see three key points follow through: firstly, to develop a new and more effective communication plan between the SC and the members – especially with the coordinators. I believe coordinators should have a wider set of tools available to them in order to ensure a greater engagement with the members in their respective countries. Secondly, I believe it’s paramount to empower all individuals and strengthen our position within the ALDE Party, from the grassroots. This, and in line with my previous point, would mean a closer cooperation with the Party.

And finally, I find equally as important to have different members from different countries and nationalities to participate more actively in all of our democratic and electoral processes. Diversity makes us stronger – let’s promote it!

I have always considered the IMs a very special pan-European platform with an immense potential. An outlet, for those liberals who want to be included in European politics and have a say in issues that matter to them, to us. For this, it will continue to be an honour and a privilege to represent your best interests. ‘


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