ALDE IM’s Steering Committee candidates: Gregory Rump, Susanne Wunderer and Diana Severati

Starting from September 4th we will have ALDE individual memberd Steering Comittee elections. So, as usual we present all candidates and their motivations. Fourth  round with Gregory Rump, Susanne Wunderer and Diana Severati

Gregory Rump

I am an engineer and entrepreneur and been living in Switzerland for the last 15 years. Throughout my life I lived and worked in various countries, including France, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, plus others outside Europe. Having seen different systems and societies throughout my life, I understand the value of freedom and liberty, and highly value the European Project based on our Values that include a free society, a free economy and the importance of the environment. Today this European project is at a crossroad: we need to revive it and have it sustainably anchored in the 21st century for us and for future generations: Diversity, Freedom and Environment all over the continent.

My family roots come from across various nations of Europe (France, Germany, Luxembourg). Being fully quadrilingual (French, Germany, English, Italian plus some basics of others) and having lived in different countries inside and outside Europe, I understand and cherish differences in societies, systems and cultures and know how to empathize with these. Europe needs to be an inclusive project for everyone and not a project for a select few, I intend the ALDE Individual Members to be a beacon for all Europeans showcasing the European Values and European Democracy that fits all cultures and all backgrounds. I will not be able to do this alone, but only with all Individual Members across the Continent. Together we will continue to work for the European Dream.

Thank you for your support and vote.

Susanne Wunderer

I am the hands-on type of person and ALDE Individual Members (AIM) have never needed hands-on mentality more desparately than nowadays. Coming from the electronic industry, where I had the opportunity to gain international and leadership-experience as a CEO, I initiated a grassroots movement during my maternity leave and came in touch with politics. From thereon, I have been working in politics as a staff member, I know all levels of political work – from municipal to regional, national and international. I worked in parliaments, was part of a parlamentarian investigation commission and developed and ran several campaigns. Currently I am self-employed in the field of public affairs.

There is a lot of potential in the AIM, but it has not been exploited so far. After its foundation in 2014 and a period of consolidation, it now needs to develop AIM to the next level. I offer all my professional and political experience to bring AIM ahead. Let‘s roll up our sleeves!

Diana Severati

My name is Diana Severati, European and Italian, I was born in Milan and now I live in Rome.
I joined ALDE IM almost 4 years ago, I attended 3 Congresses (Warsaw, Amsterdam and Madrid) and various ALDE IMs event like the ones in Nice, Visegrad and Vienna. I have been coordinator for Central Italy for 1 year and a half. I am one of the IMd delegates at the upcoming congress in Athens. I am also a member of the National Assembly of +Europa, an ALDE PArty member.
I work in the Finance area of an insurance company and I am also in charge of communication and social media for a nonprofit organization, with a focus on UN SDGs, and a crowdfunding trainer and consultant. I have an academic background in economics with a specialization in economic decisions and corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

I’ve been a member of AIESEC, a student run organization founded in 1948, after World War II, by seven students from different European countries with the dream of building cross-cultural understanding across nations and to change the world, one person and one internship at a time. As a member of that organization in the late ‘90s I had the opportunity to participate to some meetings organized by UNOPS , UNDP and Italian Cooperation for some decentralized cooperation programs like the Pdhl Cuba and Tunisia and I have participated to the pre-meeting of the Geneva Conference held in the International conferences hall at the Italian Foreign Affair Ministry and I was also involved in the organization of the selections of the candidates for the development internships for the Prodere and Prodesco programs.
I think that sustainanility and the Europe-Africa cooperation together with a focus on the Mediterranean area and Southern Italy are key issues for the European agenda.
I have decided to take a new challenge and to run for the upcoming SC elections because I would be more involved with IMs and I am commited to contribute to shape the ALDE Individual Members policy, to strenghten our role through a reform of AIMs and to make our community heard.

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