Dear ALDE Individual Members,

#ALDECongress Delegate election is very close. Being an Individual Member of ALDE since 2019, it is honour for me to be one of the 5 nominees. I want to cease this chance to use my tenacity and experience to work more actively for this Democratic European Family.

Democracy  and Liberalism is a part of me and I consider ALDE my second family.

Hi, I am  Lianna Meelker-Amirkhanyan, from the Netherlands, a mother of two, 3 and 1,5 years old,  a wife and with my Dutch husband we run a family Financial Business. I Study European Law and coach working women Time Management.

Since 2014 I am a member of local VVD Party which stands for Liberalism and Democracy and is a part of ALDE. Having been an active volunteer in two terms of European Parliament elections, I had a chance to work with Hans van Baleen, from where I became an Individual Member of ALDE.

As a new member of ALDE I already had a chance to have my video in ALDE social media and I get familiar with the members via social media, and managed to know many of them. In my turn I invited a few VVD members to become ALDE Individual Members. I believe in ALDE Individual Members power, I believe we can work cohesively for ALDE Missions and Values, for Rule of Law, for Bill of Right, for Equal Division of Power and for Equality to defend Democracy. This is what led me here.

I offer my candidacy to be a part to align and delegate all activities of the IMs, which in its turn will support ALDE’s mission in today’s most difficult period time for the world due to COVID-19. We can overcome this together and not let this damage our democracy.

 My strong personality, right timing in work, love and passion for European Democracy and ability working with team and drive things happen, ability to communicate in 6 languages  will be a part of ALDE activities positive result. I always say what I mean, and I do what I say. I believe that our mission is about addition not a division, a unity over division will bring ALDE into better position. Being elected or not, I am going to work hard with all members, I am going to invest myself in innovation of projects for IMs group. I wish the best for ALDE and our IMs family and let us chose the best candidate for the party. We are a family and can stand for each other.

I had that feeling after being endorsed by six IMs generously, the same way I will stand for each member’s activity, despite of the result of the elections.

I would like to thank the members endorsing me, Daniel and Julia for their hard work and Hans van Baleen, thanks to whom I am in ALDE.

This seems improbable beat.

I am open for any questions, comments and criticism.

My warm Regards to all Members and ALDE administration.

Lianna Meelker-Amirkhanyan

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