I am Anders Basbøll, I am running to serve you as a delegate to the ALDE Congress. I have been a member for many years, and have participated in many ALDE IM events since my first on refugees in Düsseldorf 2016. I have attended the ALDE congresses in 2017 and 2019 and 2 more a long time ago.

I am 42 years old, doctor of Physics. I work as Chief Adviser in the Danish Gambling Authority. I live in Odense, Denmark, with my 2 daughters (10 and 8). I want them to grow up and have (at least!) the same European rights and freedoms as my generation have had. We shall not let fear of immigrants, terrorists nor viruses close our (internal) borders or our hearts. Speaking of borders, the way governments all want control with outer borders when they speak in public, but refuse to spend recourses on it when governments meet behind closed doors, is a good illustration why I want European parliamentary democracy (e.g. Spitzenkandidaten) and majority voting in the council. We need european leaders with a clear mandate. That is why I wrote a resolution on Spitzenkandidaten last year. I also co-wrote a resolution on stregthening the cap and trade (for carbon emissions) to combat climate change, with the best economical weapons that we have. Liberals should have a clear platform here. Not ignoring the problem as some conservatives do (it hurts industry!) and not using it as some socialists do to revive old dreams of the state planning the economy (remember Eastern Europe during the cold war?). We shall set strong rules to ensure net zero emissions, and use market forces to get there as efficient as possible – guided by the choices and ideas of workers and consumers.

I also joined ALDE working groups on the manifesto for the EP election of 2019 on defence in Warszawa (where I spoke out for a role for the European Parliament, not just governments) and on trade in København (speaking out against using the climate as an excuse to avoid trade deals). I have recently enjoyed online meetings on Covid-19 (with VP Lambsdorf, thanks Germany) and on Transylvanian local democracy (Thanks, Romania). Great meetings both of them! Exchange of ideas and information across boarders are who we are. And I think that Covid-19 have shown many of us, that online meetings can work well. There has never been a better time to be in a continentwide organisation. I stand ready to fight for you from day one, and I look forward to cooperating with you all – whether I am elected or not. I enjoy the work on resolutions and would like to secure that ours are well written and well presented. I look forward to reaching out to other delegations to reach majorities for our proposals. And I look forward to receiving all your knowledge and ideas when we decide how to vote on other resolutions. This includes the work on urgent resolutions. The ALDE congress should be a strong platform for speaking out against human rigths violations and lack of democracy… in Belarus and/or elsewhere….. and a way to set moral guidance for liberal parties in government.

ALDE IM is my only political affiliation (unless you count cross party Danish European Movement, of which I am a national and local board member).

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