Dear fellow ALDE Individual Members!

2016 was the year I joined ALDE IM and would have joined many years before, if I had known we existed. I will work hard to represent all individual members and their dreams and wishes for the ALDE Party Congress. 

My name is Finn Nielsen, from Denmark and active in the Danish ALDE party Radikale Venstre since 1997. I live with my fiancé Kasper and our dachshund in Odense,the fairy tale town of Hans Christian Andersen. I have a master of Chinese and have been a teacher at a general adult education centre since 2011. I am the president of the regional branch of Radikale Venstre for Southern Denmark and the president of the local branch of the Danish European Movement. Since 2017 I have also been the country coordinator for Denmark.

I have been active in numerous local, regional, national and European elections. One of the most memorable was when I campaigned for RemaIN in Devon in 2016. Despite the terrible result it has given me a considerable insight into the minds of the UK voters and the debate at the time. And it may not be for everyone to campaign on a Danish fall day, when most people are tired of politics. Then it is a great comfort to know that you helped political figures such as Margrethe Vestager win elections and that they were there with you in the cold rain staying positive.

For the Congress in Stockholm I hope to bring people together and encourage more members to take part, even as attendees without a vote. I believe I can be diplomatic and network with other delegates from national ALDE parties to lay the groundwork for the Congress and provide a better understanding of IM resolutions as well as work with other delegates to promote progressive resolutions.

When I took part in the last ALDE Party Congress in Warsaw, I was very impressed by the energy of the ALDE IM delegates. You may think that what we as individual members need is more formal power, but I believe we stand to gain influence through persuasion and with our innovative solutions and great proposals. I have no doubt that we will again utilize our creative powers in drafting first-class resolutions. The hard part is convincing the other delegates on our ideas, some may be obvious to vote for while other may be controversial.

We must use our soft power in opening up minds to our controversial resolutions. There are many areas in which we can work for a more liberal and democratic Europe; environment, transparent trade policies, democracy on a European level in close contact to citizens and a cultural flourishing Europe.

For Council I will strive to represent all ALDE IMs of all ages and backgrounds. I will do my utmost to include all voices in the preparation for the Council and keep everyone informed about what happens at the Council. The work will be carried out in close contact with the Steering Committee. I stand for a liberal Europe that fights for democracy, the rule of law and diversity. Europe must lead in the green transition and be a power for good in a world of Trump and Putin. 

I am very honoured to be one of five nominees for delegate to the Congress and one of only two nominees for delegate to the ALDE Council. I hope to debate with all candidates in the Facebook group and answer any questions you may have in the coming days. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram with #VoteFinn.

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