About the Coronavirus and our individual responsibilities

Ádám Bakai is a Hungarian individual member living in Munich and the Vice President of Momentum in Munich, Germany. He wrote about Coronavirus pandemic

The  corona virus crisis and the different restrictions and regulations are impacting all of us heavily. Unfortunately lots of regulations can’t be understood very easily or are even controversial. However, we must protect ourselves against the virus, if possible without having to lock down entire countries again.

I read a lot, that some people still choose to ignore the rules. They are not just outraged, when new restrictions and possible penalties attached to those are introduced, but they desperately try to play the system. “They don’t know where I am travelling from”, “ I won’t pay the penalty and I won’t wear masks either!”, “Others don’t keep the rules either, why should I?” These are few examples of many reactions I meet day by day. I saw in the news the other day, that the German authorities are not able to trace back the infected people in a bar in Hamburg, just because hundreds of guests chose to give fake personal information to the restaurant.

Adam Bakai

I do understand, that we would all like to go home to our families without any problems, that we need to go to work, we need to take care of different matters. We would also like to go to restaurants, meet friends and live our life as good as possible. Our individual life does not stop from the corona virus – of course only if we pay attention to ourselves and to each other as well. The different regulations are not worth anything, if a significant part of people don’t keep the rules. Because of that, the virus will probably spread quicker, which will lead to further restrictions.

I am asking you: do we need that? Do we need kindergartens and schools to be closed down again? Do we need to get locked in between the 4 walls of our apartments again? Do we need workplaces to get locked down again, just because we were unable to step up together against the virus? Do we need to risk our own life as well as other people’s lives?

Let’s wear the masks regularly, by covering both our mouth and nose as well. Let’s be a role model for our children and let’s protect our older loved ones. If we don’t really have to travel somewhere, let’s stay at home and let’s discover our own surroundings instead! Let’s keep a safe distance from the people! Let’s disinfect our hands on a regular basis! These are all compromises, which we can all live with, without bigger sacrifices. If we see someone who is not keeping the rules, let’s kindly explain them what to do! Shall we really need to travel somewhere, let’s do that with the biggest care and caution! If we don’t understand the new rules, let’s dig into them thoroughly, what we need to do!

We should not be role models of playing the system and breaking the rules, but we should be role models of keeping those rules. Only this way we can protect our own health and also others’, and we can also avoid further restrictions on our personal lives.

Ádám Bakai

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