ALDE International Members Congress delegates: get to know candidates/1: Theresa Zettl

Dear fellow ALDE individual members,

As you have already been informed, the delegate elections for Council and Congress will take place shortly. I have decided to run as a delegate for Congress and would like to ask for your support. As I would like to give you the possibility to get to know me a little better, I’d like to introduce myself to you.

My name is Theresa Zettl, I am 33 years old, I work in marketing and live together with my six-year-old daughter in Lower Bavaria, Germany. Even before the federal elections in 2017, I became a member of the German liberal party FDP and I have been an ALDE individual member since July 2019.

After one year of being an active ALDE IM, I would like to get myself involved even more in the matters of the individual members than posting in the Facebook group only. Although the ALDE IM have been established six years ago, we are still rather unknown. I experienced, when talking to pro-European people from the national parties, that they do know the ALDE party or Renew but have mostly never ever heard of the ALDE individual membership. In my first year of being an ALDE IM I successfully recruited quite a few liberal democrats to join us.

The Covid-19 pandemic shows that Europe itself, but also the European idea lives from the commitment, dedication, and cohesion of its citizens. The situation is quite similar for us individual members. I am sure that we IMs could have a great influence on Europe, and it is my opinion and goal, that our voice as IMs should be heard in the ALDE Congress and – even more important, be taken seriously. However, this requires delegates who are self-confident, motivated, and consistent in their actions in cooperation with the Steering Committee to successfully implement our decisions in Congress.

Have you realized yet, that there is a development, especially among the younger generation, that European policy is no longer seen as a separate policy field that somehow stands next to social or health policy, but that the European level is perceived as an additional level of politics?
Many Europeans are disappointed by their national policy and therefore are looking for a transnational organizational structure in which they can implement European policy from the outset. And that is exactly the point at which we, the ALDE individual members, must be their contact persons to introduce and convince them to share the idea of a liberal, united Europe.

So, if I could see two initiatives to be worth supporting in the ALDE Congress, it would be the following two: One of them is standing straight up against rising right-wing populism in EU member states. Member states that restrict the rights of their citizens due to their gender, origin, religion, or sexual orientation should no longer receive any EU funding. We need a strong, united and a Europe of solidarity in which we value and even more important, promote our cultural diversity. Another important initiative would be that we need to call upon the EU to invest more in non-violent conflict management and develop its strengths as a mediator in conflicts. In regard of the large number of violent conflicts worldwide, the EU should not arm states that wage war or violate human rights. The EU is the world’s most successful and long-lasting peace project and it is in our hands to ensure that this project will never fail.

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