EU Elections: get to know some +Europa italian candidates: Cristina Bagnoli and Inoussa Bara

he ALDE Party IM coordinator for North-West Italy Francesco Condò  submitted some questions to the candidates of +Europa, the Italian liberal party, at the next European elections in the North-West Italy constituency. You can read the full interviews (in Italian) on the Facebook page of the North-West Italy ALDE Party IMs:

Today we publish the answers of Cristina Bagnoli e Inoussa Bara

Why did you choose to run for the European Parliament?
CRISTINA BAGNOLI I  felt the need to undertake a path of civil commitment because of what is happening to our society. We are witnessing a closure towards civil rights, minorities, science, freedom, a dizzying growth of nationalist and sovereign movements, which determines a climate of fear and uncertainty in which hatred is stirring up. We notice a desire to exacerbate the contrasts between different social players, instead of seeking and finding a harmonious synthesis. I believe that courage is needed at a time like this: without fear there can be no courage. We must have the courage to admit and remind those who forgot what Europe has done for us so far and what it can still do

INOUSSA BARA I chose to run because I strongly support the programme of +Europa and I feel the desire to represent the many Italian citizens who became Europeans when they acquired Italian citizenship.

In your opinion, how can we make the European Union closer to its citizens and more effective in responding to their needs?

CRISTINA BAGNOLI: Certainly starting right from the needs and desires of the citizens. Therefore, in this perspective, it is necessary to reinforce the cooperation between local institutions, which are the first contact with the citizens and the territory, the local associations, which gather the actors of the different sectors operating on the territory, transferring the demand to the higher levels and creating a virtuous process. In this way, ad hoc policies can be drawn up that look at the different needs of different urban, rural, mountain and remote areas.

INOUSSA BARA  I  don’t think the European Union has to answer citizens’ questions. The European Union is “the answer” to the wishes of European citizens: a large market where everyone’s dreams can be realized, a heritage of culture and values ​​to be proud of and shared with the world and with the new European citizens.

Which are the three priority areas in which the European Union should do more with the powers that its institutions have at present?

CRISTINA BAGNOLI:Greater education in European citizenship through the strengthening of cultural integration programs, in particular for the new generations: they are not only tools with a strong symbolic value, but authentic and powerful means to form a European identity

Greater attention to social issues: in the last decade the European Union has been seen, partly unfairly, partly motivated, as an institution far from the needs of individuals. It takes courage and foresight to reaffirm human dignity, freedom and well-being as key values ​​of the European renaissance.

Making European decision-making bodies stronger. The United States of Europe project is seen as an ideal but very distant dream: it must become a common and shared goal. A united Europe is the only utopia for which it is worth hoping.

INOUSSA BARA: I would say the foreign policy, from which economic policy choices derive.

If you will be elected to the European Parliament, which will be your priorities and what policies / sectors would you like to focus your work on?

CRISTINA BAGNOLI: Research and innovation. Strengthen research funding to compensate for the steady decline by national governments to support the excellence of our research centers, maintain and increase jobs in the sector. Promote measures aimed at creating hubs between research centers and companies, so that research takes into account the productive reality in which it operates and, at the same time, companies can benefit from those research products aimed at improving processes and quality.

Agriculture. The draft of the next framework program (2021-2027) provides for a reduction for the funds to be allocated to agriculture. With this premise, I would like to commit myself to favoring measures aimed at supporting our territorial agricultural realities, but also at implementing innovative and sustainable techniques for the environment and for human health, especially in relation to food products.

Gender equality and young people. Being part of the first generation that was overwhelmed by the short-sighted measures that created a watershed between the guaranteed rights of certain age groups and those reallocated by the younger age groups, I would like to pursue the concept of intergenerational equity both in terms of employment, both at the pension level, extending it also to the environmental level. Furthermore, as a woman, I would like to carry out effective measures that favor the increase in female employment, which in Italy is well below the European average. Measures that allow women real opportunities to choose, rather than forced choices. Because even women can be free to dedicate themselves exclusively to the family, but also free to pursue a professional career, because they are supported by personal services, without the influence of cultural heritage.

INOUSSA BARA :My desire is to become the “spokesperson” of Italians and new Italians in Brussels.

Full interview to Cristina Bagnoli is available in italian here.

Full interview to Inoussa Bara  is available in italian here.

Francesco Condò

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